Practice No.1 for the Under10's ... in the bag baby!

Practice No.1 for the Under10's ... in the bag baby!

Today it began. The first practice for the Under10’s.  How relevant that after weeks of temperatures that would melt the paint of the goalposts, today it rained enough to cool the air and give just that slight hint of the winter that is on its way. Okay by on it’s way I mean it will be here some time this year … that we are closer to Winter than Spring now… that kind of on it’s way.

It started about as simply as can be which is just about perfect.  With not even a ball to play with, the founder and inspiration of the Under10’s – Natalie – managed to get 9 girls to the field in Camps Bay. Right away and in the absence of the dude who had agreed to coach the girls … they started doing some running drills. Fortunately their was a practice for the little dudes from the local school on the same field and they helped out by lending the girls a ball and it was game on!

Natalie got the girls doing some fun running around with the ball and everyone got to kick the thing around and get a first taste of how much fun this is going to be. Would you beleive it, but the Coach dude Ryan and his buddy Scott managed to actually make it to the practice as the sun sank lower and the temperature dropped over a moody Camps Bay with all its sultry beauty.  Coach Ryan introduced himself to the girls and did some stretches to wind down the first ever session. The Under10’s went home psyched for more football and ready to bring down friends that they think are into the same chilled and fun vibe and a ball each so that there will be enough to do some cool drills with on Thursday which is the next practice day.

Who knows where this will go. For now it looks like a brilliant bunch of girls ready to have a good run around and to learn to play a bit of soccer.


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